We assist a wide range of legal services

These arrangements enable our clients to choose the best option
that is suitable to their needs


MSA can assist clients from individuals to corporations, with a wide range of legal services for commercial and corporate matters, litigation and dispute settlements, foreign investments, regulatory compliance and legal research.


In accessing our services, our clients can choose two options as follows:
• Retainer Based service
• Project Based service
These arrangements enable our clients to choose the best option that is suitable to their needs. Details of each arrangement can be discussed further with MSA Finance & Administration Department. Our services encompass among others the following legal areas:

Debt and Corporate Restructuring

We assist our clients, either corporate or individuals in restructuring their debt obligations. We are experienced in assisting our clientele in converting their loans into equity, reorganizing the companies’ capital structure and obtaining approvals from government authorities.

Banking & Finance

MSA may represent or act for and on behalf of companies for various transactions such as commercial loans, syndicated loans, and the related securities arrangement. We also provide a wide range of advices on reporting and compliance issues, including drafting the necessary documents.

Capital Markets

MSA provides supporting services related to capital market transactions. The services include among others the provision of legal opinion, preparation for Initial Public Offering and Secondary Offerings, private placements, debt to equity conversions, conflict of interest and material transactions and tender offers.


We representing our clients (corporations or individuals) on all aspects related to the Indonesian employment law, such as employment contracts, termination of employment, employment dispute, research and regulatory compliance pertaining to the prevailing manpower regulations and other legal issues concerning employment regulations. Our association with experienced government officials ensures that legal and approval process can be managed in a timely manner.

General Corporate Services
(Corporate Secretarial Services)

At MSA, we also provide our clients with various corporate legal services and secretarial services and we can help ensure clients’ compliance to the Law of Limited Liability Companies, Capital Market Regulations and Indonesian laws and regulations related to the clients’ line of businesses. Composing various of legal documents/agreements to accommodate client’s interest in business transaction is part of our services and the services that we offer within the scope of corporate secretarial work include matters related to the holding of General Meeting of Shareholders and board meetings, business licenses monitoring, conducting legal analysis on demand basis and preparing corporate legal documentation.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Liquidations

We are able to assist in Mergers, Acquisition and Liquidation transactions of companies, regardless of the size and complexity of the cases. We also provide services for voluntary liquidations. Our lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in handling the various aspects of liquidation process, from the beginning to the end.


We can assist clients in establishing foreign investment companies (Perusahaan Penanaman Modal Asing), domestic investment companies (Perusahaan Penanaman Modal Dalam Negeri) and non-facility companies. Our services include providing consultancy on how to establish joint ventures and other domestic or foreign investment models for a variety of industrial and service sectors, such as manufacturing and commercial industry companies, telecommunications and information technology companies. We also assist our clients in the establishment of Representative Offices as well as to obtain government approvals and licenses.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our intellectual property services include registration of trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs, assistance in infringements and opposition as well as other litigations in trademark and intellectual property matters.


We can provide strategic advices on issues related to Bankruptcy Law such as corporate and financial restructuring. We also provide advice on various aspects of legal proceedings at various levels of arbitration tribunals in relation to bankruptcy/insolvency. Upon request, we are able to represent clients as a creditor or a debtor on the matters related to bankruptcy/insolvency reconstruction and proceedings. Our Associates is a member of AKPI (Indonesian Curator and Receiver Association) and has experience in representing our clients in Bankruptcy.

Litigation and Dispute Settlements
(In Court and Out of Court Settlements)

We can assist our clients with litigation services and in resolving legal dispute related to civil law and criminal law, through in court as well as out of court settlements. Our Associates is member of PERADI (Indonesia Advocates Association) and has experience in representing our clients in litigation and arbitration.

Legal Due Diligence & Legal Opinion

We provide legal due diligence service and legal opinion on various legal matters within Indonesia’s jurisdiction subject to Indonesian laws and regulations.

Regulatory Compliance

We also advise companies concerning regulatory compliance such as compliance to company’s article of association, compliance to existing law, rules and regulations in Indonesia one among others Man Power Law and Regulations.


We often draft various contracts and agreements related to entertainment business, such as movies, advertisements, contracts for film industries stakeholders.

Legal Research and General Services In Legal Matters

We provide legal research services based on the needs of the clients, particularly concerning new regulations and government policies in Indonesia.